Fremont: Livin’ Large


From the outside 49183 Honeysuckle Terrace looked like one of the big, elegant homes in the Fremont hills had slid down and nestled itself amongst a cluster of similar homes. I get the feeling that landowners are trying to see how many sq. ft. of living space they can fit into an acre of land. I find it kind of disturbing because to me the idea of a large home is to fill my need for spaciousness. So why would I want to be crammed into a neighborhood with houses only a few feet apart? I guess once I’m inside I can pretend that I am livin’ large.

This house is immaculate. I love winding staircases and this one has a great one. Off to right of the entrance is the living room. Towards the back of the house is a cozy dining room and next to that is a family room. High ceilings, lots of windows, and cutouts in a wall or two definitely add depth to the place. The kitchen was a little small for such a grandiose house, but it is adequate. A window over the sink adds that little touch of spaciousness.

Winding my way up the stairs (I love it) I come into an open area designated as a loft. Okay, so is it a loft or a bedroom? On the flier it says 4 bdrms with the 4th bdrm used as a loft. Why not just say 3 bdrms with an open loft area? It’s not like I won’t notice that fact when I’m there. With that logic I could see describing a house as having 2 living rooms with the 2nd living room being used as a family room. What the….?

There are many perks in this house and in this area of Fremont. I like the balcony on the 2nd floor and the very spacious bedrooms and bathrooms. There is a cemented in patio area that serves as the backyard with a side access door.


Another added bonus is a grassy park area in this little neighborhood of big houses. Although I was trying to imagine what I could do on a strip of impeccably manicured lawn about 10 yards long and 40 feet wide. Croquet? Badminton? Golf putting? Cartwheels? And am I allowed to play on the grass? It didn’t look like it had been used for anything. Also there’s a 2-story-high, 6 X 6 foot gazebo-like thing overlooking the grassy area. I did find myself standing in it wondering ‘okay, now what do I do?’ No table, no chairs, you just stand there and look out over the empty, perfect lawn. I had an urge to start tap dancing, but I didn’t.


I just wish that for $948,000 I could get a nice-sized plot of land with it instead of having to settle for 2,010 sq. ft. of living space only.

GPS coordinates: N 37 27.534/W 121 54.987


ABSTRACTION METHOD A method of appraising vacant land; allocation of the appraised total value or sale price of the property between land and building either on a ratio basis or by subtracting a figure representing building value or price from the total appraised value or price of the property. Also called Allocation Method.