Mansions & Shacks: Thinking Outside the Box

So I am thinking outside the box today, primarily because I am in Las Vegas amidst faux mansions and (un)real estate. Such a different world here, the ultimate land of win and lose, much like the real estate market can be. So in honor of my visit to the location of the World Series of Poker, I am going to post on the mansion of one of the premier women poker players, Annie Duke, which just so happens to be in Redfin’s Los Angeles market. Located at 1958 Outpost Circle, this home that Texas Hold Em built is going for $3,000,000, a drop in the bucket for many poker players. Near the Sunset Strip with views of the Hollywood Hills, this Spanish-style home has 4 bedrooms, 4 baths and was designed by architect Marshall Wilkinson. The home is located in Outpost Estates which is one of the original Hollywood luxury residential neighborhoods.


Have I got a deal for you in the shack department. Sometimes you need to think outside the box to buy a place in the Bay Area. And one way to buy affordable housing is to invest in mobile real estate, also known as a manufactured home, or in the old days as a trailer. Buying a nice double wide can be affordable, such as with this 2/1 located at 1200 W. Winton Avenue in Hayward. You get 672 square feet, a little more than an apartment, but with a slightly more efficient layout. You will have low monthly payments, and low fees for your rental space. Now this one happens to be in need of some upgrades, given the 70s green carpeting, but what do you want for $36,000? On the market for 3 days, this just might be the answer for you. And if you get relocated due to employment, you can just pick up your house and move!


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