Rant for the Day: Why?


Sweet Digs mavens spend every weekend at open houses, sometimes even hitting up realtor Tuesdays. In order to bring you reviews on the newest listings, I personally log onto a public MLS site every Thursday or Friday and search through the available open houses in Redwood City, San Carlos and Belmont. I then cross-reference those with information on Redfin.com to get days on market and other current information. But I have recently run into a problem. Realtors are not listing the majority of open houses on the MLS site and I cannot for the life of me understand why they do not.

Last Friday I pulled up the Open House Listings for San Carlos for the weekend of March 24/25. Thirteen listings popped up. But on my way up Crestview to Club Drive, I saw at least that many signs on that one street alone. What’s up with that? Don’t realtors want the public to know about their open houses? I know that occasionally there are spur-of-the-moment ones, and I understand that. But I would estimate, driving around on Sunday, that the list of 13 I had was maybe 20-25% of what was really open and available to see. And that is a shame. Not that I don’t make unscheduled stops on my routes to see something interesting, but since my laptop computer does not have one of those fancy-schmancy Sprint Internet connector cards that let you use your computer on the top of Old Smoky, for example, I can’t pull up the listing to see how old it is or if it is worthy of my time. And with gas prices being what they are, I do not randomly drive around these 3 cities every weekend. I plan my route…carefully. And I imagine that others do as well. Those out-of-the-way homes tucked into a hillside on an obscure street, may not get noticed, by me or a potential buyer, if it isn’t listed in advance. The Sunday Chronicle isn’t much if a help either, as it also doesn’t contain all the open houses (and by the time I actually get to open the darn thing it is 6pm on Sunday night).

So I am just wondering why? Why realtors don’t take advantage of every available outlet to shout out open homes and drive potential buyers to their homes. Why they don’t want to service their clients as best as possible in this regard. And, of course, why they can’t make my job just a teensy bit easier.

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