Berkeley: Where To Go For Single Family Homes


If you have your heart set on buying a single family home in Berkeley’s Elmwood neighborhood right now you haven’t got much to choose from.

According to my “ball-park figures only folks” data, there are only two such homes currently for sale there.

Central Berkeley offers the highest number currently on the market. The Hills has a healthy share (including this $895,000 3-bedroom home on Buena Vista Way pictured above), as does North Berkeley. This is not surprising as together they cover a large swathe of the city.

Options are few and far between in the Elmwood, Claremont and Thousand Oaks at the moment, not because they don’t offer great schools and the sorts of amenities those looking for houses are usually looking for, but because they are geographically smaller. While West Berkeley probably has more loft apartments and condos than single family homes.

Single family homes for sale
in Berkeley, by neighborhood:

Central Berkeley: 39
Berkeley Hills: 34
North Berkeley: 25
Thousand Oaks: 5
Westbrae: 3
Claremont: 2
Elmwood: 2
West Berkeley: 1