Berkeley: A Week In The Home Market


The week ending June 8 saw 10 home sales in Berkeley – meaning the County Recorder’s Office recorded those sales in that week and they were reported in Berkeley Voice, one of the city’s many local papers.

Some more stats for those who like crunching numbers:
Lowest Price: $525,000
Highest Price: $1,418,000
Median Amount: $682,500
Average amount: $822,950

On their own, these figures are fairly meaningless, but I will try to track them on a weekly basis and draw some interesting conclusions from them if I can.

The highest selling house in the above list was 135 Alvarado Road (pictured above) which I described as being a perfect family house (to the extent that children might have designed it themselves) when I reviewed it back in April. Unsurprisingly, it went for 1.6% above the asking price of $1,395,000. It was in great condition and is in a prime location.