Oakland: Price Reductions


I couldn’t find any price reductions in Berkeley this week. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any, just that they stayed under the radar for some reason.

In Oakland, however, there are a handful to report:

* Claremont Pines — 5/4 Colonial style house at 5831 Acacia Avenue (pictured above). New price of $1,795,000. Gene Boomer, Prudential. (There are three homes currently for sale on Claremont Pines – what’s that about?)


* 2/2 condo with parking and views at 1 Lakeside (pictured above). Price reduced to $599,000.

* Townhome style condos and flats at 1511 Jefferson in downtown Oakland. Prices lowered to mid-$300,000s. www.liveatjade.com

* 3/2+ home on “Piedmont side of Montclair” at 5885 Harbord Drive. New price of $1,025,000.

* 5/3+ family home in Rockridge at 6693 Chabot Road (which is directly opposite Chabot elementary school). Newly priced at $1,260,000.