SF: The Heights, Part 6: Pacific Heights

SF: The Heights, Part 4: Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights is famous enough to have been the star of its own movie, not to mention the movie stars, directors, romance novelists and old money billionaires who make their home here. And because of its immaculate streets, manicured mansions, pristine parks and panoramic views (click here for a moving panorama from Lafayette Park) this beautiful area draws many tourists, as well as the occasional SF local from a less rarified neighborhood who feels like taking in the cinema-esque sights along with some of the city’s best shopping. Upper Fillmore Street, to be specific, is home to boutiques like Betsy Johnson, Lush Bath and Beauty, and MAC. Food is also excellent, as you’d expect. Otherwise the area is pretty tranquil: very well policed and maintained, it’s one of the city’s safest, cleanest zip codes.

Pac Heights is encompassed by Van Ness and Presidio Avenues and Pine and Vallejo Streets, and sits high over the sparkling blue Bay. The area was first established as a “neighborhood” in late 1800s with the construction of a new cable-car line that made that hilltop accessible, and began right away as a place of luxury. That luxuriousness has only grown with the residencies.

(Spreckles Mansion, home to novelist Danielle Steel)

The single family homes are palatial: here we have the Spreckle’s Mansion, the Bourne and Whittier Mansions (to name just three), plus rows and rows of Queen Anne Victorians. TIC’s and condos, both rare, are generally just as gorgeous–and very expensive. But since you might run into Francis Ford Coppola or Danielle Steel (or at least their dog walkers) in one of the many neighborhood parks, the thrill of living in Pac Heights is not likely to wear off.

Two typical properties in the area available now:

2430 Scott St. 4/4.5 single family

3040 Pacific Ave. 5/4 single family