Berkeley: A Tale Of Two Houses

Two house sales to report today — one that probably made the seller very happy, one not so much.


This 3-bedroomed bungalow at 1154 Walnut Street near Live Oak Park in north Berkeley (above and reviewed by me here) went for $825,000, 11% more than its asking price of $745,000. That’s $667 per square foot. And, in my opinion, the new owner will be spending a fair bit on some much needed updates. Maybe they just really really wanted to get their child into the nearby Oxford Elementary School.


Meanwhile this riotously colorful 3-bedroomed Edwardian at 1818 Woolsey Street (above and one of the first homes I reviewed for this blog) went for $745,000, 3% lower than its asking price of $770,000 (and $488 per sq ft).

Given that most homes in this price bracket still seem to be exceeding their asking price, the reason this one sold for marginally less may be due to the matter of the not wildly salubrious neighborhood and the fact that the choice of vibrant colors proved offputting, although the overall effect was far from distasteful.