Don’t Miss Today’s Real Estate Article on SF Gate!

newsbutton.jpgCarol Lloyd, in her regular column Surreal Estate, focuses today on “The Changing Face of Real Estate Deals.” Lloyd explores the options that buyers and sellers have, other than traditional real estate brokerages and FSBOs (For Sale By Owner), meaning companies like our very own Redfin.

As Redfin has (painfully) experienced in the past, she recounts the difficulties and bureaucracy that exist within the MLS system nationwide for FSBOs. The inconsistencies in access, in listings, the fee structures, the confusion. The article also discusses several of the companies that offer services outside of a traditional brokerage, and I have to say that our fearless leader, Glenn Kelman, did a wonderful job in presenting Redfin and what it stands for. And in the end, Lloyd mentions that “it’s not hard to see that at some point a company is going to find the right mix of services and information and change the commission structure permanently.”

For the full article, go here.
FYI: This article will also be appearing in Sunday’s SF Chronicle in the Business Section.