Fremont: New and Updated Listings on Redfin

Here are just a few of the ‘New’ and ‘Updated’ listings in the Bay Area for Fremont, CA.


5749 Birch Ter., – 2/1 – 945 sq. ft. $362,000
You will probably never think of the old song “The Sound of Silence” living here, right next to 880!

43070 Brighton Cmn. – 3/2.5 – 1572 sq. ft. $719,888
These are decent homes that are rather close to each other (almost San Francisco-close) set smack-dab in the middle of a tract of homes built in the 1950’s. Not the ‘best’ of neighborhoods but just okay. Although these few homes are a part of their own little community it seems.

4057 Glenwood St. – 3/2 – 1450 sq. ft. $675,000

Another tract house built in the late 1950’s that is in a neighborhood that provides some good starter homes.


5610 Chestnut Cmn. – 2/1.5 – 1006 sq. ft. $349,000 (was $368,500)
This is listed as a townhouse, which again has me asking: what is the difference between a townhouse, condo, or apartment. My daughter lived in one of these for a while – it felt a lot like an apartment to me. And parking there was always a challenge.

4526 Crestwood – 3/2 – 1199 sq. ft. $599,998 (was $632,998)
This house is set in a nice ‘middle-class’ type of tract homes that were built in the early 1960’s.

43373 Fremont Blvd. – 3/2 – 1469 sq. ft. $650,000 (was $670,00)
The good news is that this house is on a small frontage-road type of street. The bad news is that the frontage road is right off Fremont Blvd. which is a very busy street. Also, because I drive by the house almost every day I don’t think it has much curb appeal.

Assemblage – The process of combining two or m ore contiguous parcels into one larger parcel which makes the one parcel more valuable than the separate properties.