Santa Clara Real Estate Market Snapshot

One South Bay town where some real bargains can be had is Santa Clara.  Centrally located in Silicon Valley, Santa Clara is home to Intel corporation amongst many other high tech giants, as well as the Great America amusement park.  Rumor has it that it may also be the future home of the 49ers, but that is yet to be seen!

Below is a current snapshot of market conditions:

Yahoo Santa Clara Market Snapshot

Median prices are well below other South Bay cities, and it appears your best shot at finding a Santa Clara property is through the classifieds.  There are also a great deal of foreclosures, if foreclosure bargain hunting is your forte.  Inventory doesn’t seem to be the reason for the price pressures here – it is highly possible that Santa Clara is just being taken down for the ride with other South Bay cities but was more reasonably priced from the onset.  It is also possible that people are just concerned about the upcoming football traffic.