Berkeley: Another Good (Green) Reason To Live Here


Last year the British coastal town of Lowestoft invited a US contingent, including a representative from Berkeley, to help them draw up a zero-waste site plan.

It’s not surprising that England wanted to draw on Berkeley’s expertise in this area. The city’s recycling efforts are commendable — it has disposal facilities for everything from fluorescent light bulbs to TVs — and is working towards a goal of reducing greenhouse gases and the amount of waste going to landfill by 75%.

And now we Berkeleyites are being offered the chance to recycle food scraps along with our green yard waste. Any day now we are going to receive a cute green kitchen pail with instructions for participating in the new program.

Personally I think this is great — every time I put food waste down the garbage disposal I wince — all that fabulous composting material literally going down the drain.

Every day a little bit greener… every day another reason to consider moving to Berkeley (she says, sounding like a cheesy ad jingle).