Berkeley: Another Option For Maybeck Devotees


Just as with buses, one doesn’t come along for ages, then two arrive at the same time.

A second home designed by Bernard Maybeck has just come on the market in Berkeley.

The first popped up in early June and is finding it hard to find a buyer. After a couple of price reductions it is now priced at $1,395,000, down from its original $1,595,000. I am surprised this house hasn’t been snapped up by a Maybeck fan. It’s true that it has had minimal modernizations, but for a true connoisseur that should be part of its charm.


Meanwhile, the “Giesler House” (above and top) had its first open last Sunday. Designed by Maybeck and White in 1924, it is at 2577 Buena Vista Way in north Berkeley with a $1,025,000 price tag.

You have to have a penchant for acres of dark wood paneling. But if you do, then this one is worth a look.