Oddity of the Day

new-constructions.jpgOn today’s Daily Board leader, we have a brand new listing at 1718 Vinehill Circle in Fremont, which is a real oddity. First is the price: $1,000,000. No one seems to ever price things at an even mil. It’s always $999,000 or $999,500 or even $999,999. I love even numbers, and appreciate the simple price point. Secondly, it is a partially completed 4,000+sf structure. Rarely do you see a house go on the market in the middle of construction. Looks like a McMansion in the making. And last, which really isn’t such an oddity in today’s market, is that it is a short sell with bank approval required. The property was purchased two years ago for $1,600,000 and apparently renovation/remodeling stopped partway through the process. There is no roof and the listing claims water damage. I am sure that the folks in Idaho and Minnesota are wondering what the heck is going on, when a partially reconstructed home, with water damage on only 1/3 acre lists for $1,000,000. I, myself am beginning to wonder.
Sweet Digs Is Expanding

Yes, I know yesterday I let the cat out of the bag early by telling you my secret: I have hired 4 new bloggers for the Bay Area. But the juicy bits on that will have to wait a bit longer. Today I wanted to let you know that our SoCal brethren now have access to three new Sweet Digs blogs: Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Launched yesterday, they will serve areas that Redfin realtors have been covering since earlier this year. The LA Blog will cover Beverly Hills/Hollywood/Westwood, Glendale/Pasadena, Long Beach/Palos Verdes, Playa del Rey/Westchester, and San Fernando/Santa Clarita. OC covers Aliso Viejo/Dana Point/Laguna Niguel, Costa Mesa/Irvine, Huntington Beach/Newport Beach, Laguna Hills/Mission Viejo, and Orange/Santa Ana/Tustin. San Diego is starting off with just two bloggers, and the areas being covered are: Hillcrest/Ocean Beach/North Park and Lemon Grove/Spring Valley. A hearty welcome to the newest Sweet Digs bloggers.

So, tell your friends, your relatives, friends of your relatives…anyone who will listen: Sweet Digs is now covering Southern California.

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