The 3 R’s & Housing

Well, it’s just about that time again. The end of summer is closing in on us and we need to talk about taking advantage of the numerous houses for sale in the East Bay’s most desirable school districts.

In Fremont, Mission San Jose is still considered the most desirable area. And I can see why given the 2006 statistics on top performing schools. This area of Fremont has a High School, Junior High School, and Elementary Schools that all rank 10 on a scale of 1-10. The homes in that area of Fremont are a bit pricey though.

Newark and Union City each have a Elementary School that rank close to 10. Not so well for it’s High Schools and Junior High Schools. The homes in the Union City area are a bit pricey and the homes in Newark are more affordable. One thing I really like about these two cities is that they are close to the Bay and don’t get quite so hot in the summer time, plus there is ALWAYS a breeze.

Milpitas, on the other hand has a High School, Junior High School, and a few Elementary Schools surrounded by very affordable housing in a fairly nice area at the bottom of the foothills.

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