The Color of Palo Alto


This wacky scooter-driven artist, Samuel Yates, took photos of all 17,860 homes and buildings in Palo Alto, then digitally mixed the surface colors to determine an average paint color of the town. Think of it as a chromatic fingerprint. Six years and $65,000 later, we are still waiting breathlessly for the unveiling of the “Color of Palo Alto.”

Yesterday I emailed Yates to see how it’s going, and he replied: “The colors should be ready in a few months…I’m doing the final quality control on the parcel data at the moment.”paintcan.jpg

I guess Great Art can’t be rushed.

PS: With 100 structures a year being demolished, it’s nice that we now have a photographic record of what’s ending up in the landfill. Photo credit: Jamie Kripke for Dwell magazine