Do You Dream Of Growing Your Own Grapes?

I don’t actually. But now that the idea has been planted, so to speak, it is sort of lingering…

I spent a happy morning visiting some goats in Petaluma today (another story, and one I will share with you another time) and, on the drive up there, spotted a roadside sign posing the aforementioned question.

An affirmative answer might lead you to look out for the second billboard which advertised a vineyard for sale.

Further investigation revealed that this is a 620-acre plot of “gorgeous” land ideally suited for planting vineyards — or olive trees or grazing cattle for that matter.

walter-yee-ranch-062.jpg walter-yee-ranch-066.jpg

The price tag is a rather hefty $5,900,000. But, for that, you will be able to call your own no less than three homes, four lakes, six ponds and two barns, 230 acres of wetlands (super for duck hunting apparently), access to a creek and to the Petaluma River — along with all those beautiful rolling, wine country hills.

All that just 40 miles from San Francisco where $5.9m might buy this house or this house, both in Pacific Heights, and both admittedly pretty nice-looking.

But no lakes. And certainly no grape growing.

Your call.