Haunted Real Estate?

tn_ghost006_prb.jpgHalloween is absolutely my favorite holiday, and it is “creeping” up on us quickly.  In honor of this ghastly time of year, I did a search for haunted houses in the Bay Area, and came up with an entire blog devoted to haunted real estate!  Although the Haunted Real Estate blog focuses on the entire world, there are a few key mentions in the Bay Area. 

One “ghost sighting” is at the Green Valley Disposal Company’s office in Los Gatos (N Santa Cruz near Blossom Hill Road).  Featured in the California Haunted Places list, it claims a ghost named Julius who likes to play with a calculator. 

There are also rumors of a “Senter Road Ghost” in San Jose – in the house located on the corner of Senter Road and Hellyer with a storage box in the front.  It is said to have shown up also in the local 7-11 store. 

In the Alum Rock district of San Jose, a house known as “Marys House” claims two ghosts – Mary and her son.  Mary can be mischievious at times, and downright mean at others.  She is said to have hurled a cat down the stairs, and to have set the house on fire at least four times.  No address information is given, evidentally a family lives there with the ghosts and wants to be left alone. 

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it is California law for sellers to disclose if a death occured in a home within three years of the sale date.  In my case, I purchased a home in Sunnyvale where the owner had died in a fire.  This occured more than three years before my purchase date and wasn’t disclosed to me.  I had constant dreams where I was burning up in a fire, and strange things such as ceilings falling in and mysterious laughter plagued me until I sold in 2001.  My neighbors finally told me the truth.

The lesson here is if a home gives you the creeps – there may be a good reason for it!