SF: Beach Access, Part 3: Crissy Field

The alarmingly hot weather is back. I am not, read NOT complaining, just exclaiming. I know SF’s falls are really our summers but I’ve lived here long enough not to get too excited by an SF summer, so… I’m surprised, and thrilled, by another streak of brilliant, calm days and sultry nights that have me wondering if this is really Northern California after all.

In celebration of the heat, I offer the third of my Beach Access posts, this one dedicated to Crissy Field.


A haven for walker, gawker, dog, human, and sea creature, this magic spot is a favorite any time of the year, but seems to sparkle most in the sunshine. Graced with generous free parking, Crissy Field is both field and beach.  The “field” portion is several thousand yards of deep, soft grass (with requisite trees, picnic tables and historic museums along the way). Meanwhile, across the path, a long stetch of white sand skirts the Bay, flat and calm as glass (perfect for swimming). To the left, the Golden Gate Bridge looms, brick red Art Deco arches that connect Fort Mason to the golden hills of Marin.

Behind you, if you can tear yourself away from the water, is the Palace of Fine Arts, the Explortorium, and the Marina District, all excellent places to explore when you’ve had your fill of surf and sand.


Living out in this zip code takes serious success in the world, since homes rarely go up for sale for less than a million (though I did find a stufio for a quarter of that!). Still, if you’re lucky enough to be in the market …

3/3.5 single-family at 745 Marina Blvd: $4,950,000

Studio at 265 Baker St #3: $265,000

2/2 condo at 1921 Jefferson #101: $875,000


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Betsy Malloy/Go.com