Emerald Hills: Canyon Corridor

Cruising in lower Emerald Hills, I am sure seeing a lot for sale right now. There are 3 houses within two blocks of each other for sale on Canyon Road alone, all very different with staggered pricing. In addition there is one home on Cordilleras, and 3 high-end homes for sale on Bennett Place, just off Cordilleras, not to mention the 3 brand new high-end homes on Sienna Court, just off Oak Knoll.

805 Canyon Road, 1/1. 510 sf, $695,111: On a 7500 sf lot, this is basically a property for expansion or total teardown and reconstruct, although it is currently habitable.

766.jpg766 Canyon Road, 4/3.5, 2450 sf $1,239,000: Located at the corner of Breeze Place and Canyon, this home was originally listed on June 8 for $1,349,000, was reduced to $1,299,000 in late July, then in early September reduced again to $1,249,000. It is back on the market at $1,239,000. (photo at right)

759 Canyon Road, 3/2, 2230 sf, $950,000: New on the market, this listing says this is gated, which makes it sound like it is setback in a more serene environment that is reality (see photo below at right). Workers have been busy bees on this home for awhile now. I have yet to take a peek inside, but I see that it has a nice pool in back.759.jpg

1850 Cordilleras, 4/3.5, 2570 sf $1,595,000: Last sold in March of this year, this home has undergone renovating and upgrading and was listed originally at $1,684,000.

10 Bennett, 4/4, 2820 sf, $1,450,000: On the market less than 3 weeks, this is a nice contemporary, single story home on almost ½ acre.

11 Bennett, 4/3.5, 3020 sf, $1,798,000: Brand new on the market, this two-story home is slightly larger in size that #10, but has less than half the property (although it does back up to open space).

19 Bennett, 5/4+, 4486 sf, $3,200,00: Originally listed the last week of July for $3,795,000. Listing states that over $4.5 mil has been invested, so someone is taking a big loss here. One problem is that the front of the home overlooks two street level water towers. Not the kind of view you pay the current price of $3.2 mil for. But it sits on over one-third of an acre and has a lovely back yard.

10 Sienna Court, 4/4, 3537 sf, $2,149,000: Originally listed on June 15 for $2,349,000. it was reduced on 8/30 to $2,249,000 and again on 9/27 to $2,149,000. It is relisted at the last price of $2,149,000.
30 Sienna Court, 4/3.5, 3045 sf, $1,899,000: Originally listed on May 11 for $2,195,000, then reduced to $2,049,000.
40 Sienna Court, 4/2.5, 3077 sf, $1,899,000: On the market less than one month.