Most Viewed Virtually in Rockridge

virtual-view-image.gifTwo of today’s most clicked on listings in Oakland are 5849 Buena Vista Ave. listed for $1,450,000 and 5964 Margarido Dr. at $1,895,000. (For some reason the Buena Vista listing says it’s in Alameda, but the address is in Oakland Hills address.) Both were listed in my blog on the hidden stairways of Oakland and are located in Upper Rockridge.  5849 Buena Vista is a 3455 sq.ft. 3Bd/3.5 Ba.  When I first saw the photo of the exterior, I was intrigued and wondered if it was built in the 1930′s under the influence of the Bauhaus school of thought (no, NOT the band, to all you 80′s ex- punks who were wondering– you know who you are).  Looking up on Zillow however, I found that the house is a recent construction (1994). It still may have been influenced by Bauhaus though, consciously or unconsciously. Anyone know who the architect is for this home? Another interesting thing to note about the house is that it sold last August for $1,780,000, so if someone bids asking price they would save a cool $330,000. Not bad. 5964 Margarido is a 4105 sq.ft. palatial 6Bd/4Ba Mediterranean style home, also built in 1994.  While it sold in 2000 for under it’s current asking price of $1,895,000 it has taken a price reduction of at least $155,000 (was listed at one time for $2,050,000).

Both homes have been on the market for just over 40 days. While both are big, beautiful and boast gorgeous views, part of me is wondering how they will fare in this market. While East Bay homes over $1,000,000 are still selling, sales are consistently slowing down. I’m curious as to whether in the luxury home market of the Berkeley and Oakland Hills there is any correlation between age of the home and the number of days on the market since the older homes (pre-1940′s) tend to have more character and are often in just as great shape (if not more so) than new construction homes. But this is probably just my bias since I prefer the original craftsmanship of the Arts and Crafts movement.

If you decide to see these, make sure to try and find the stairwells near them and let me know what you think.