Oakland Beats Berkeley For High-End Homes


When I moved to the Bay Area I was under the impression that the serious wealth resided in Berkeley rather than Oakland. Something to do with it having a prestigious university and so on. But I was wrong.

A recent in-depth piece on Oakland in San Francisco Magazine included the following stats:

Number of zip codes where at least one home sold for over $3 million last year:

Oakland : 8 (high: $20 million)

Berkeley: 1 (high $3.16 million)

These multi-million dollar homes are predominantly in the Oakland Hills. Many were built after the Oakland Fire and one can safely assume most of them have oodles of creature comforts as well as breathtaking views.

A prime example is this 3/3 contemporary home at 6013 Skyline Boulevard (pictured above) built in 2001 by designer David Stark Wilson and builder Scott Cameron. The architecture looks pretty swish and it’s priced at $2,395,000.

  • http://savehouses.org/ Gerald Harris

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