Peevish about Milpitas

questioninformation.jpgToday’s leader on our Daily Stats board is a single family home in Milpitas. Located at 2166 Sepulveda Avenue, this is a two-story 2,459 square foot home, with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths on 7,840 square foot lot. Two things that bothered me about this listing: One is the realtor description, which reads: “This is the one you Won’t want to miss! Exquisite from the moment you pull up and Park. This home is truly Breathtaking! Superb Front/Totally Remodeled/Better than new. .. Huge yard in rear! The perfect home for entertaining!” I am not sure what is so exquisite about this house. The front is minimally landscaped with rock, stone, and 1 tree near the sidewalk, an expanse of lawn, 1 tree near the front porch and a few shrubs, and the house itself is a rather bland beige color. No textural or visual interest or even color in the landscaping. No dramatic deck or architectural features. And the “breathtaking” part also seems erroneous. While the house is somewhat staged (probably by the owners or realtor), overall it looks flat. No dramatic ceilings, strong color, large windows, arched doorways, or gourmet kitchen. (Don’t let the pictures fool you, the walls really aren’t arched, the photographer seems to have used the wrong lens on the camera.) Secondly is that darn price: $900,888. Not $899,000 or $900,000 or even $900,500. But $900,888! I know, 8s are supposed to be a lucky or auspicious number in Asian cultures, but does it really sell a house? I wrote about this very thing back in September. My findings were that out of 97 recently sold homes, only 4 did not end in 000, and those 4 had prices ending in 500, 600, 900 and one unusual 083. If only 4% of homes sold with this type of price, why are more than 69% listed that way? Only the real estate gods know, and I am just a peon on another rant….

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