Shop Till You Drop in Corte Madera


Corte Madera means “cut wood” in Spanish.  Like many Marin towns, it borders upon open space where tons of trees dot the landscape.  It is also adjacent to Corte Madera creek and the west part of the city borders the bay.

Marinites know the town as the prime destination for shopping.  With a convenient central location, the Town Center and the Village at Corte Madera offer a great array of stores like Macy’s, Nordstorms, Williams Sonoma, Z Gallerie, REI, etc. and are also home to restaurants and The Bay Club Marin.  Being in Marin, these two centers of retail spending are, of course, situated outdoors.  With lovely fountains and park benches reminiscent of a pseudo Euro town square, families can be found strolling and shopping on any given weekday or weekend.

Homes in Corte Madera occupy two general areas, either you are west or east of the 101 hwy.  East of 101 are the areas of Chapman Park, Christmas Tree Hill and Madera Gardens:

Chapman Park is the older part of town.  South of Corte Madera Town Park, many of the homes were built in the early 1900′s. Naturally, many have been updated and/or expanded but the general neighborhood charm and character remains.  

Christmas Tree Hill got its nickname because of the way the lights appear on the hillside from 101.  Homes in this area are nestled in the hills, with great privacy and views of the bay but typically a winding drive to get home.

Madera Gardens is across from the Town Center.  A subdivision from the 50s, homes sit on a grid and there is some waterfront property in this area thanks to a couple of lagoons.

East of 101 is where the water is.  Not as widely populated as the westside, homes generally are newer than those on the east:

Madera Del Presidio is a decade old subdivision south of Paradise Drive, typically boasting views of the bay. 

Mariner Cove is another subdivision, but homes are ~40 years older.  The home owners association is fairly active, hosting a variety of events for residents.

With a great central Marin location and easy access to great shopping, Corte Madera is a one town to check out.