Berkeley & Oakland: Price Cuts Come Thick And Fast

It’s getting tougher out there for sellers as more of them are forced to resort to price cuts.

Here are three fresh ones. Note that they cut across the price range and that people aren’t waiting long — in one case just two weeks — before tweaking the price-tag.


60 Bonnie Lane: 3/1.5 “English-style” home (above) with views in north Berkeley — down from $799,000 to $765,000 after being on the market for about five weeks.


54 Chancellor Place: A luxurious looking place (above) with views, a lower au-pair suite and a 3-car garage in the Claremont hills. Went on the market just a couple of weeks ago and the price is already down from $1,650,000 to $1,495,000.

371 Hudson Street: 2-story starter bungalow in Rockridge with upgraded kitchen and bathroom (2+/1+) — reduced to $774,000.