What’s Wrong With This Picture?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these pictures come close. I’ll try to keep my ramblings shorter than that, but having viewed the 9 photos of ourweird.jpg Daily Stats leader, I do have plenty to say. The first photo for 1845 Elsie Avenue in Mountain View is of the front of the house. You see two boxes shoved together and painted in an unflattering green two-tone (not to mention the hideous lava rock or stone that adorns the lower portion of the façade). There also appears to be a lack of landscaping with just a lawn and one lone tree. Moving on to photo #2, we see the kitchen, which is described as updated and beautifully maintained. I love the 10-panel wood door with glass and the cabinets are passable, but not high end. Countertops look very ’70s, as does the linoleum. But in all fairness, the price is $699,845 so you can hardly expect cherry cabinetry, granite counters, and tile floors, can you? Photo 3 is so dark, all I can really see is a refrigerator, countertop and through to a light fixture and sliding door. This might be a dining room, but who could tell? The living room is featured in photo 4, with what appears to be a blue carpet. The front window is large and lets a lot of light in, but appears to be the original and not an updated dual pane. Photo 5 is one bedroom, with wallpaper wainscoting and a very dark ceiling. I am hoping it is original wood not burgundy paint, but the photographer did a great disservice in this and other photos by not properly depicting rooms and highlighting the better features. The bathroom in photo 6 has been updated according to the description, but all I see is wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper. Not a very neutral wall, but I realize this can be easily remedied. Photo 7 shows a second bedroom, with blue (and I mean blue) carpeting and wallpaper wainscoting with contrasting wallpapered walls. The wood sash windows look nice; however they may be original as well, as opposed to newer dual pane. The last two photos don’t really give us much. One is the exterior entryway to the home where you might notice that the siding is either original wood or something out of a Sears catalog, and the last one showing the house numbers on an archway above a fence (very telling!). Sarcasm aside, the home is priced well for a 3/2 of 1250 sf on a standard lot. The home appears more than livable and really could use cosmetic upgrading, although nothing major appears in the images. There is no photo of the rear yard, so that may need some work. And the property comes in on target with both the Zillow Valuation and Value Range. The home has been in the same family for 50 years, so there is no recent sale to speak of and no short sale or repo to deal with. On the market 51 days, it might be worth an in-person visit to assess the overall condition of the property and the neighborhood. And I said all that in 527 words!

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Photo courtesy of pete@eastbaywild.com/Flickr