It’s The Perfect (No It’s A Terrible) Time To Buy


Conventional wisdom has it that this is the deadliest time of year for buying a home — you might as well book that flight to Hawaii.

But a recent piece in the Chronicle suggests that some real estate agents believe the tail-end of the year might actually be an “excellent time” to snag a deal (but they would, wouldn’t they?). As the article reports:

Real estate agents say that the holidays tend to filter out all but the most serious of buyers and sellers…”The sellers who are on the market now really do need, in fact, to sell,” said Frank Cannella, branch manager for Prudential California Realty in Pleasanton. “Sellers don’t go through the hassle of having their homes on the market during the holidays to test the market. There is more sincerity on the seller side.”

Or, as Susan Mortenson, an agent at McGuire Real Estate’s Lombard Street office in San Francisco, puts it:

“I tell my clients, ‘Don’t leave town… If you’re really serious, this is a good time.”

Certainly everywhere I turn in Berkeley prices are tumblin’ down and I’m cautiously optimistic I will find myself a good-value home to purchase in the next few months.

Guess I’ll unpack those snorkeling goggles.

But wait… it would be remiss of me not to present a balancing viewpoint. On a recent post, the industrious and reliably pessimistic Patrick-net lists 10 reasons why ” it’s a terrible time to buy” then dismantles 46 (no less) of the arguments made by those who disagree.

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