Looking at Granite? Try Quartz Instead

cranbook-by-cambria.jpgFor years, the distinctive material of choice for remodeled kitchen countertops was granite.  Costly but beautiful, granite is resistant to scratches and heat. On the downside, granite is a porous material that holds in bacteria and kitchen smells.

A new material that is finding favor is just as scratch resistant and attractive at roughly half the cost.  A number of well-known kitchen countertop material suppliers have begun to offer quartz based surfaces in a variety of attractive colors and natural patterns. Quartz is a highly dense material, and is much more sanitary as it doesn’t hold in the bacteria like granite.  It is also more uniform in pattern than granite, so you can achieve a uniform look and feel to your kitchen even with large countertop surfaces. 

Three of the most popular suppliers of quartz countertops are Cambria (http://www.cambriausa.com/),  Silestone by Consentino(http://www.silestoneusa.com/), and Zodiaq by Dupont (http://www2.dupont.com/Surfaces/en_US/products/zodiaq/index.html?gclid=CJiI3NjAt4cCFRMzGAod7HLbOw).   All three sites have some great galleries to explore, and I suggest you review them if you were previously considering granite. 

[Photo Credit - Cambria - Cranbrook style]