My Pet Peeve – Bad Property Photos

nikon_d50_digital_camera_kit_7_1870mm_black_1686.jpgComing from a Marketing background, I believe wholeheartedly in showcasing your product in the best possible light.  Brochures, flyers, photos, and even font sizes should all reflect your unique messaging and positioning.

Yet many Silicon Valley-ites who would never dream of launching a product with less than a four color brochure on hefty weight paper think that a blurry camera phone photo of their $700-800k home will work when selling.  WRONG!

In today’s Craigslist – there is a photographer advertising his services for home photos and videos.  He uses a high quality Nikon camera for the home photos, and a Sony for the videos.  At $40 – this sounds like a bargain to me.