Oakley to Wal-Mart: Out Devil Out!

Residents of Oakley, a scrappy little town in east Contra Costa County, don’t want a Wal-Mart in their town—or at least the 1,000-and-counting residents who signed a petition against a supercenter proposal. Save Oakley Now, the community group behind the petition, say the proposed 230,000-square-foot big-box store would bring crime, low-paying jobs, poverty, traffic congestion and small business closure to the growing city, the Contra Costa Times reported. What’s the skinny on Wal-Mart? It’s a way for folks who are short on money to get necessities, no? Would you rather live near this proposed Wal-Mart, open 24 hours, offering groceries and a garden center, or would it cool your interest in a neighborhood? (For more information on the group, check out Save Oakley Now.)