Tempt Your Buyer With A Sense Of Possibilities


FSBO listings can make for good reading. Today, following Redfin’s recommendation to keep an eye on Craigslist, I give you this home for sale by owner. What I like about it is the owner’s flair for painting a picture of potential.

1717 Francisco Street (at Grant/McGhee) is a 3/1 family home near North Berkeley BART. Built in 1924 with some Craftsman-style built-ins, it’s had a kitchen remodel, and offers “lots of light, fireplace, hardwood floors and offstreet parking”. Price: $695,000.

But wait there’s more. First off, think what you might do with the 12’x19’ garage/shed” (love the detailed measurements), not to mention the “12’ x 11.5’ semi-finished ground-level basement. (A recording studio and meditation space perhaps?)

It would also, according to the owner, “be feasible to carve a second bathroom out of a bedroom or kitchen” (the kitchen… really?) and “ample crawlspace allows easy access everywhere for retrofitting and improvements, as well as plenty of additional storage!”

Finally, the owner would like you to ponder on the expansion potential of the property’s 5,130 sq ft lot. (An in-law bungalow, a home/office, another home darn it!)

It’s all very tempting. The question, as always, is why the owners didn’t turn all those ideas into reality themselves?