In Berkeley A Buyer Needs Something To Buy

By one account, there are currently a mere 65 homes for sale in Berkeley as listed on the MLS. The price breakdown is as follows:


They say it’s a buyers’ market (and if you look closely they’ve been saying it for some time) and, as you may know, I am (perhaps unwisely) chomping at the bit to buy.

But just look at that meager table: no matter which price category I happen to fall into — and even given that the data may not be a totally true reflection of reality — there is barely anything out there for buyers like me to actually buy. (Even if I were rolling in legal tender, I don’t think those lead-glass doors — below — in the most expensive home on today’s list are quite my style.)


So, say I decide to wait it out and continue renting for the foreseeable future. Well, the same source lists just six possible rentals in Berkeley, only one of which is a single family home. (For some reason rental homes are hard to come by in this city. University professors going on sabbaticals provide one source — but that’s a short-term option — otherwise word of mouth seems to secure the best results.)

This sad state of affairs does not seem to be reflected everywhere in the Bay Area. According to my South Bay/Silicon Valley Sweet Digs colleague Brenda Keener, I would have the pick of 4,073 properties listed on MLS if I decided to move to San Jose.

Anyone know the way?