Price Drops in Walnut Creek

From mansions to modest condos, prices are going down in Walnut Creek. The first listing reduced the price $100,000! If you’re gambling sort, you could try keeping an eye on this property … perhaps eventually the now-$2,495,000 residence might become affordable for ordinary folk. (Photo of Walnut Creek seen from Mt. Diablo: TedsBlog, on flickr.)

2703 Ridgeview Lane, Walnut Creek: 4 bedrooms/3.5 baths, 4,745 sq ft, $2,495,000; was $2,595,000. Pool, spa and gazebo, four-car garage, and located on the end of a cul-de-sac. Sweet!

2531 Lucy Lane #B, Walnut Creek: 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, 896 sq ft, $339,000; was $349,000. Nice-looking private balcony with lotsa trees.

1810 Cole Avenue #2, Walnut Creek: 1 bedroom/1 bath, 600 sq ft; was $260,000, now $240,000. Close to BART and, best of all, Walnut Creek’s rockin’ downtown. Pied-a-tierre, anyone?

1279 Bonita Lane, Walnut Creek: 2 bedrooms/1 bath, 972 sq ft; was $549,000; now $475,000. Hmmm, this is a ranch-style detached single family dwelling with a fireplace, but this comment, “Property is a work in progress,” is intriguing and somewhat daunting. But it too is close to downtown, so if you’ve got fixer-upper skills, it’s worth a look.

490 North Civic Drive #4043, Walnut Creek: 1 bedroom/1 bath, 787 sq ft; was $319,999, now $299,999. This is a penthouse with a view of Mt. Diablo from the patio.