SF and Daly City: What Can You Buy for Less than 500K?

money_in_hand.jpgUsed to be, the answer to that question (if asked in SF), was more likely “something at the supermarket” than “something off the housing market.” No more! In fact, I found some pretty tasty looking houses for less than 500k- even less than 400k- available now for your consideration. I’m also going to include some Daly City listings, in case you ( smart consumer that you are) like to do your comparison shopping.

1395 Lyon St., SF: These babies are part of the Lofts @ Lyon complex, a cozy new lower Pac Heights complex of 1 bedroom TICs. Note, all the photos are the same (I hate that!) so you cannot tell the cheaper (395K) from the more expensive model (429K), but take a peek here.

1855 Alabama St.#1: a 1/1 TIC with an excellent Bernal Heights view. $395,000. *Note: it’s tenant occupied, and that ain’t easy.

510 Page St., #4: 2/1 TIC: Edwardian flat, nice shared yard, 1 parking space (!), on the market for $499,000.

25 Boardman: 3/1 TIC with one year parking paid. At $439,000, had been on the market 95 days.

Daly City:

251 Willits St.: 2/1 single-family with deck and yard. $479,000.

485 87th St., #00008: 2/2 townhouse with fireplace and deck for $399,000.

3875 Carter Dr. #205: 2/2 condo with fireplace, pool in complex. $435,000.