SF: The Inside Scoop(s)

Real estate seems like a dark world of secret deals and strange, clipped lingo (fab kitch! S/s appliances! B’ful frplc!). But sometime, with a little elbow grease (and plenty of blog reading), you can get the inside scoop. In fact, from CurbedSF, Socketsite, and SFCAHomes alone, I feel edified enough to enter into one of those secret deals myself, slinging out the confusing lingo like a pro. Check this out:

1. Thought you’d never see a pretty single family home in a decent hood for less than 700K? Socketsite proves you wrong, showing 330 Banks, in Bernal Heights, back on the market–down from 649K to 599K.


It’s not on the MLS, so to see it, you’ll need to click the address link or visit the open house on 1/27 from 2-2:30pm. Why such a short window? I don’t know (more of that real estate mystery!). I do know the house sold for 700K in 2005, which seems a lot for a 1 bedroom –even in 2005– but included in the sale are some approved plans for a downstairs artist studio. You can see those plans here.

2. Curbed has the inside scoop on the impending transformation of Hayes Valley, in conjunction with the redevelopment of UC Berkeley’s Extension campus.


This will be a mixed use development consisiting of:

*428 residential units (with multi-family and low income housing attended to)

*Retail space (absolutely no chain stores need apply)

*20,000 square feet of open park space

*LEED accreditation

Sounds great, but the area is full of historic buildings that will have to fall should the deal go through. Read more about this plan, and its politics, here.

3. If you’ve any reason to be out in Potrero, you’ve seen the condo complex that is (aptly named) The Potrero. It is very swanky, at least outside, and the pictures of the inside look promising as well. SFCAHomes blog got hold of a hot piece of information for the perspective condo buyer: The Potrero is offering a first time buyer program for their one bedroom condos: 6 months of no mortgage payment. I wasn’t entirely sure I could trust this info, because, well, look at the photo of the blog authors:


Don’t they look like members of the dark realty cartel aforementioned?  (Mulder and Scully?) But a follow up call here confirms. 

So now you are as smart as me– or maybe you’re smarter. If you have any insider information yourself, we’d love to hear about it. After all, information like this is our best defense against subterfuge.