Berkeley: Homes Are Selling But It’s Sometimes Grindingly Slow

A total of 25 homes were recorded as having sold in Berkeley over the past three weeks — as shown in the tables below, which in order of appearance, are the reports for February 10th, 17th and 21st 24th.

Most shocking perhaps is the most recent table which lists just one house. That’s the first time I’ve seen such a sad looking list — even in the depths of winter we expect a healthier turnover of home sales.



Several of the homes listed took a while to find buyers. 1331 Northside, a 2/1 cottage in the Northbrae neighborhood, sold for 7% under it asking price of $539,000 after about four months on the market. While 1421 Harmon Street sold for its $465,000 asking price, but only after nearly five months of waiting.