Ten Good Reasons to Live in San Jose

san-jose.jpgSan Jose is a whirling melting pot of cultures and a study in contrasts.  Home to “The Silicon Valley”, the pace is fast and exciting – with many interesting places to see and things to do. Yet there are many wonderful places to relax and enjoy life, such as the famous Rose Garden and Kelley Park.  Why is San Jose such a great place to live?

1) San Jose is becoming greener and greener every day!  64% of its waste is recycled, and the building department is specifying more green construction methods than most cities every time codes are revised.  10% of waste water is also used for irrigation.

2) Available homes range from time-honored Victorians in Naglee Park, to ultra modern townhomes, to sprawling mansions.

3) San Jose is a culturally diverse city.  According to the Census Bureau’s 2005 American Community Survey, the population mix is 31.8% White, 3.1% African American, 30.3% Asian, 31.5% Hispanic, and 3.3% from other races.  This provides for a rich mix of ethnic restaurants, stores, ideas, and values. 

4) The SHARKS!   Enough said

5) The median income for San Jose residents is the highest in the country for a city with more than a quarter million residents, at $73,804 annually.

6) There are three major freeways that connect in San Jose, and the Mineta Airport is convenient from almost any location in the city.

7) The San Jose Rose Garden has 4,000 roses to stop and smell.

8) The HP Pavilion has become known as a major venue for sports and entertainment events throughout Northern California.

9) San Jose is now the 10th largest city in the US.

10) Despite its size – San Jose is still rated one of the safest large cities in the US.

San Jose is a great city to be part of!