$2,000 Price Reduction: Strategic or Silly?

32230024thb.jpgYou know when you live in a high cost area when a $2,000 price reduction doesn’t seem to make a dent.  This is true when the house was originally asking $715,000 and just skimmed a bit of foam off the top to $713,000.  I guess it would be more impactful if home values were around $100K. 

Since that isn’t so in Marin County, I guess there must be some type of strategy behind the price reduction of this house on Ivy Ln in San Anselmo.  First listed the at end of January, this house has been on the market for about 6 weeks.  Just this week, it decided to knock 0.28% off the sales price.  I can’t seem to think what the strategy might be…. other than the fact that it seemed so meager that it DID capture my attention.  Otherwise, I vote that it just seems plain silly or maybe it was an honest mistake.  Did someone leave off a zero?

Thoughts?  Any other silly or good strategic price reductions you’ve seen out there?