Bargains, Slashed Prices And Desperate Sellers: It’s Spring Fever

oxford-victorian.jpgI don’t use the word “bargain” lightly. Far be it for me to declare that a particular home offers extraordinary value for money — particularly as I may not have even visited said home, and I am certainly unlikely to have dug deep into its potential dark secrets, as one hopes would be revealed by a thorough reading of the disclosures packet.

Having said that, I am prepared to go out on a limb and say that there are several homes around that seem enticing to me on the basis of their asking price in relation to what they offer.

(Before I tell you about them, however, it would be remiss of me not to mention, in a Berkeley real estate blog, the freshly listed Captain Charles Boudrow House at 1536 Oxford Street (pictured right). This is a magnificent home — divided into units — with a magnificent ($3.7m) asking price. Read about this landmark Queen Anne — lived in at one point by the equally venerable Alice Waters no less — here.)

Back to deals I hear you cry. OK, look first at the newly listed 1525 Carleton Street, a 3/1.5, 1,128 sq ft home with a remodeled kitchen, “deep” yard and formal dining room and half basement/workshop. Yes the third bedroom is a converted garage, and yes the location could be better. But the house looks in great shape and for $579,000 ($471/sq ft) who’s complaining?

1505 Milvia Street: this 4/3 sturdy looking Colonial Revival house really is in the heart of Gourmet Ghetto (so many claim to be and aren’t) and comes with a formal dining room with French doors to back deck, upgraded foundation, off-street parking and garage. Price: $969,000 ($558/sq ft).

Two Oakland homes with plummeting price-tags in the Claremont hills that you may wish to revisit given that their owners must be tearing their hair out by now, are 54 Chancellor Place, which started out at $1,650,000 back in October and is now $1,150,000 — although it’s dropped off the MLS it’s still on the market (a staggering 30% drop); and 49 Evergreen Lane which is listed at $1,695,000, having started life with a $2,275,000 price sticker (a painful 25% drop).

Meanwhile, a house I mentioned in a post just a week ago has already sold — and I’m not surprised. Too late for you to snag this particular bargain, but a good sign for all buyers out there. 117 El Camino Real is a 4/3 Mediterranean with views in the Claremont neighborhood covering an alluring 3,479 sq ft with an asking price of just $1,195,000 ($343/sq ft).


And what about 1745 Allston Way? I’m saving the best for last. This is a 3/1.5 brown shingle within walking distance of downtown with lots of original features going for a competitive $799,000 or absurdly low $318/sq ft. Too good to be true?