House For Sale: Rose-Colored Glasses Included

rose.jpgThe writers at Sweet Digs are constantly amazed, as are our readers, at the lack of effort on the part of many agents these days. Some neglect to add any pictures, provide a listing description of any merit, or even complete the checked boxes that provide the additional information below the listing description. Then there are those who send mixed messages, like our gem today. Located at 18 Wavecrest Drive in Daly City, I think this little bungalow could have potential, but no one seems to care. The agent has two photos posted, both on very dreary days, which is typical in Daly City, but for which Photoshop can help immensely. A little sunshine goes a long way. The photos are completely unflattering, showing the front with a dead lawn, cracked and weed-filled driveway and a complete lack of caring on the part of the sellers and agent. The second photo, of the back yard is a dead lawn and a two-tone fence. Why bother? Maybe the agent thought that by writing a short & sweet description of the home, it would counteract the lack of good images. He writes: Charming bungalow in the desirable Westlake featuring kitchen with tile floors & counters * Living room with wood burning fireplace * Tile bathroom * Close to shopping and transportation * Needs some work * Great opportuntiy *

I don’t see much charm from the photos, which is where a pair of rose-colored glasses would come in handy, and cannot ascertain what type of work the home would need, other than yard and concrete work. And then there is the typo at the end. Just careless when you are only writing 31 words. And this lack of effort is evident by both the DOM and the reductions. This home started out on the market over 200 days ago, in August of 2007, with a price tag of $639,000. It has since seen ten (10!) price reductions and is now offered at $509,000. Over the last 7 month a total reduction of 20% has taken place, an average of 2% per reduction, which in this day and age it pitiful. If you’re gonna reduce a home, do it with heart and conviction, like you really mean it. Now I realize this is a bank-owned property. The previous owners bought this house in November 2005 for $725,000 and the bank took it back in July 2007 at the price of $540,000. Given the inventory they then and since have accumulated, they really should have started off by listing the house much lower, and because they did not, they are stuck, stuck, stuck with another house.

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