Oakland Hills: The East Side

hills.jpgOakland is a sprawling urban center with a population of over 400,000 making it the largest of the East Bay cities and coming in 8th on California’s list of most populous cities. It is also considered one of the country’s most diverse cities in terms of ethnic, cultural and racial demographics (over 100 languages are spoken here). While people often divide it into roughly 5 areas (Downtown, North Oakland, West Oakland, East Oakland and the Oakland Hills) this simplification overlooks the dozens of neighborhoods within each region and the many “micro”neighborhoods (thanks colleague Tracy Taylor for coining that term!) within the more defined neighborhoods.  I’ve found that one of the most “mashed-up” areas is East Oakland. Spanning the largest area of the Town, East Oakland is perhaps the most diverse culturally as well as economically.  Then there’s the area that’s both East and the Hills. Oftentimes when I hear folks talking about the “Oakland Hills”, they usually are referring to the hills bordering on Berkeley (Claremont area), Montclair Village, or the exclusive Piedmont Pines. But the Oakland Hills extend farther than Montclair; what about those hills beyond? Neighborhoods such as Redwood Heights, Crestmont, Ridgemont, Sequoyah Hills and Chabot Highlands are less well-known but offer some stunning views and forrested peace and quiet with a range of price points as well as good prices per square footage. Here are some current properties on the market in the East Oakland Hills.

4220 Aberfoil Ave. Chabot Highlands
3bd/3ba 3023 SF $289 per s/f
List Price: $875,000
Previous High Sale: $885,000, August 2004
A 1960′s Rancher with what appears to be a relatively new kitchen and gleaming hardwood floors throughout. Description cites pool and a Bay view.

8960 Barcelona St., Sequoyah Hills
3bd/2ba 1396 SF $393 per s/f
Original Price: $599,000 Current Price: $549,000
Previous High Sale: $620,000, March 2005
1950′s home in a wooded setting.

6115 Ridgemont Dr., Ridgemont
4bd/3ba 2654 SF $433 per s/f
Original Price: $1,295,000 Current Price: $1,149,000
Looking for contemporary construction? This home was built in 1986 and is listed as having “breathtaking views” as well as 3 fireplaces and a 3-car garage.

4623 Reinhardt Dr., Redwood Heights
3bd/2ba 1980 SF $354 per s/f
Original Price: $729,000 Current Price: $700,000
1930′s stucco home described as having “magnificent view of SF and city lights”. Appears to be clean and well-maintained from photos.

4865 Geranium Pl., Redwood Heights
3bd/2ba 1840 SF $380 per s/f
List Price: $699,000
Previous high sale: $324,000, May 2003
1950′a ranch style home, listed as having “lovely bay views” and “updated kitchen with granite and stainless steel appliances”.

101 Colgett Dr., Crestmont
3bd/2ba 2095 SF $410 per s/f
List Price: $859,000
Previous High Sale: $880,000 October 2005
Asking for below it’s previous sales price 3 years ago, this is a 1960s ranch with “sweeping” views.