San Mateo: Good and Plenty

product_banner_gp.jpgThe homeowners of San Mateo sure have been ramping up for the Spring selling season. There have been 45 new listings in the last 7 days, and 80 new listings in the last 14 days. That brings the total of homes for sale in San Mateo (including Foster City) to 320 listings, which should be plenty for you shoppers. Of those on the market, 175 are SFRs and 145 are condos and townhouses. There is a good variety of sizes to be had, depending on your needs:

31 one bedrooms
114 two bedrooms
125 three bedrooms
55 four or more bedrooms

As for price, 62% of the listings are under $750,000. While many of those are on the eastside or are condos, that is a huge chunk of what is now being considered “affordable” real estate, at least on the Peninsula. The complete breakdown on pricing is:

67 Under 500,000
132 500-750,000
68 750-999,999
52 Over $1mil

Today, the focus is on Westwood Knolls, a neighborhood adjacent to the Belmont City line. Bordered by Belmont to the south, Hillsdale Blvd to the north, El Camino to the east, and Alameda to the west, this area is composed primarily of post-war housing, with one- and two-story homes intermingled. This tends to be the more affordable of the westside areas and right now there are 6 available properties:

10 Colegrove Court, 2/1, 1100 sf, $799,000 DOM: 35
The smallest and least expensive house in Westwood Knolls, this little yellow one-story rancher has been remodeled and relandscaped. Located on a cul-de-sac, it does have the highest square foot price at $726 and is on a slightly sub-standard lot (4600sf), so I’m thinking that the price needs to come down a tad.

3716 Hacienda Street, 3/2, 1,380 sf $869,000 DOM: 128
A light and pleasant-looking two-story home, this listing has the unfortunate problem of being located across the street from the parking lot of San Mateo Medical Center, which is probably why it has been on the market for over 4 months. Given that there has been no price reduction and the cost per sf is the second highest of this mix, I think that the owners will have to sacrifice 8-10% to get this priced better to sell.

3831 Colegrove Streett, 3/2, 1,700 sf, $899,000 DOM: 166
A corner home, located at a 4-way stop, this home was originally built in 1941 but had a recent complete remodel. Two stories, with kitchen/family room combo, dining room living room and 3 bedrooms. This property holds the title of being on the market longest among the 6 listed here, starting out at $1,065,000 and being reduced 4 times to its current price (15.6% total reduction).

4309 Camden Avenue, 4/2, 1800 sf, $969,000 DOM: 19
This well-kept ranch-style home, built in 1941 sits on a larger than standard lot (7,141 sf). While it appears to be a single story home from the street, it actually is two stories, with the lower level containing one bedroom, family room, workshop and storage. The backyard is downsloped, but has been terraced and appears well-maintained. One of 3 four-bedroom homes on this list, it is the 3rd most expensive home overall, but the price per square foot is in the bottom 50% of this neighborhood’s listings.

340 Midvale Avenue, 4/3, 1830 sf, $1,149,000 DOM: 23
Already reduced $100,000 (8%), this is the second largest home and the second most expensive. Built in 1950 on a fairly standard lot (5925 sf), this two-story home has been remodeled and has a great view from its deck. A large level back yard contains a small separate living unit.

262 La Casa Avenue, 4/2, 2310 sf, $1,149,800 DOM: 63
For only $800 more than the Midvale property above, you get 480 more square feet in this, the largest and most expensive home on the market in Westwood Knolls. (Although it is the lowest priced home per square foot at $498.) Also a two-story, it sits on a 5,525 sf lot with brick patio and nice backyard for entertaining. As with most homes in the area, it is well maintained and ready for your family.