SF: Dream Listings in the Inner-Sunset

sunview.jpgToday I went to do wash in our building’s single communal machine, which has recently been replaced with an energy efficient, water efficient model.  Of course, though it surely costs less to run, the price to do wash went up two dollars (in quarters), so I will have to wait until I can find said quarters, which is pretty annoying since that washer has also been broken since the second day of installation and my wash has piled up. I’m rooting through couch cushions now and have decided that the idea of hordes of money there is an urban legend. All I’ve found so far is a french fry– circa 1979, by the look of it.

There’s also a mean note on the washing machine that reminds me yet again how very much indeed I need to own my own home. I shall quote it:

Take care this washer. Cost repair to company $150. Washer for small apartment if you have lot of wash take commercial laundry. Washer break again company take out you lose is.

So, aside from Yoda being my property manager, I am also chastised like a small child in my own garage.  And really, what did the owning company expect, hiking the price $2? That people would not try to stuff every last garmet in to avoid having to do two loads, thus overloading the “machine meant for small apartment” (even though we live in a friggin multi-unit building!)?

I digress. No wait, that was the digression. Now I progress: Indeed, walking the dog around my ‘hood, I’ve seen plenty of most desirable places with “For Sale signs.” I want them all, without even seeing the inside. Anything to end my time as Yoda’s tenant. Here are a few of these dream listings:

1363 16th Ave: 2/1 TIC with parking and bonus rooms down (Open 3/20 and 3/23!). $729,000.

1748 16th Ave: 4/2.5 SFH with garage and yard, beautiful view of the sea. $1,390,000.

529 Kirkham St.: 2/1 TIC with hard woods, in-unit washer dryer, deck. $619,000.

325 Ortega St. (THIS IS THE ONE I WANT, SANTA! ARE YOU READING??): 3/3 single-family with garage and yard. Even from the outside, you can see the place is filled with light, almost loft-like. A little scruffy, like any proper beach home is (paint’s a little chipped, color is muted. All that –to me– is nostalgic and fabulous) Great decks all around for sipping your wine and enjoying the Golden Gate Heights scenery. At $511 per square foot (not bad!), it’s yours for $1,295,000.

1652 8th Ave: 3/2 single-family, classic Windsor Terrace facade and 1940′s details. Fireplace, garage, all for $995,000.

photo credit: About.com San Francisco