Spotlight: NextHouse in Silicon Valley

spotlight-copy.jpgI am a fan of Dwell magazine. Yes, they tend to do a fair amount of high-end stuff, and their advertisers are more upscale than not, but they do showcase some innovative ideas, make us think outside the box at times, and do their part for the green movement. Recently they have been working with owners Mark and Ellen to build a modern home in our very own Silicon Valley. The couple, a mechanical engineer and designer, are building a Dwell NextHouse in Mountain View. After doing an extensive search, they found a large enough lot (7500 sf) in a neighborhood they liked. Standing on the lot was a 1908 Craftsman home, no doubt stunning in its day, but in need of repairs and restoration. Mark and Ellen found that the cost to upgrade and add on to the house, keeping in tone with the original design, was quite costly, which led them to entertain other ideas, ultimately deciding on the Dwell Empyrean model.

Joel Turkel, the NextHouse designer is working personally with the couple on the home. Although it is a prefab design, the floorplan can be modified, and most elements upgraded or altered to suit a buyer’s taste and budget. Soon you will be able to view and download the blueprints of Mark and Ellen’s Empyrean floor plan.

To see just how the process works, you can follow along with Mark and Ellen as they build their home, with a photo shoot and video of the entire process, from construction to installation.

I’ve put myself on the list to see the home once it is complete, which is something both professionals and interested buyers are able to do. Check out the website here for more information.

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