Spring Cleaning: Marin Fixers

It’s official.  Winter has officially departed and spring is the newest resident for the upcoming 3 months.  When I think of spring, I think of birds chirping, spring cleaning, flowers blooming and a overall regeneration of life.  With that in mind, why not add life back to a neglected house and make it your big spring (or longer) project?33389035thb.jpg

A few fixers looking for some spring cleaning and love in Marin:

 131 Woodbine Dr, Mill Valley – 2 beds, 1 bath, 1,731SF – $1,395,000: Location, location, location is probably the reason why the hefty price tag is attached to this property.  Vintage 1941, it hasn’t been on the market for 55 years… and it sort of shows.  No lot information, but there seems room to expand but the prime attraction is the brief walk you’ll take to downtown Mill Valley to grab your morning joe and people watch the MV scene.

 116 Palm Ave, Corte Madera – 3 beds, 2 baths, 1.976SF – $1,100,000:  Marin homes, fixers or not, don’t come cheap.  This one however seems to me a bit over priced.  For over 1 mil, you get a cute looking house, but the inside needs some updating.  The lot isn’t all that huge (2500SF), so not getting a whole lot there.  Some people will like the old town location and walking distance to downtown Larkspur – and willing to pay for it.

6 Laurel Grove Ave, Kentfield - 1 bed, 1 bath – $875,000:  One of the cheaper price tags you get in Kentfield.  And you’ll see why in the listing.  Unlisted square footage = too small to tell for me.  Seems like a good lot at 7,405 and it’s level.  No pictures of the inside of the house… Good for those wanting a prime neighborhood and have the funds to burn on a remodel or rebuild.