The Other End of the Spectrum

It’s been quite some time since I explored the upper-echelon of the Mid-Peninsula, namely Woodside and Portola Valley. These two bucolic towns are starting to see some new listings, now that Spring is edging ever closer. Of course, given that these are almost always high-end properties that few can afford, I am also seeing a fair amount of listings that have sat for over 100 days waiting for the right buyer.

horse-pasture.jpgWoodside, that of the horse- and jet-set, and home to my favorite family-owned market (where my son is a butcher), currently has 29 active listings. At the lower end is a 812 sf 2/1 on .62 acres at 4 Skyline Drive on the market over 200 days for $1,049,000 (originally $1,195,000). At the upper end is the marvelous $21,000,000 Le Soleil estate (address unknown) which contains a 10,010 sf home on 5 acres. Quite a price spread, if you ask me. Eleven of the listings are over 100 days old, with the high at 306 days. New on the market (within the last two weeks) are:

905 Espinosa Road, 3/2.5, 2240 sf, 1 acre, $1,638,000 Contemporary home in the redwoods of the Skyline area.
60 Ranch Road, 4/3, 3356 sf, 1.2 acres, $1,995,000 Remodeled country Craftsman on the Skywood area.
5 Stadler Drive, 3/2, 2460 sf, 2.25 acres, $1,998,000 Contemporary Skywood home with views.
150 Crest Road, 4/2.5, 2510 sf, 1.01 acre, $2,248,000 Unimpressive rancher in Woodside Hills area.
115 Eleanor Drive, 3/2,2260 sf, 1,12 acres, $2,395,000 Mid-mod in Woodside Heights.
110 Hardwick Road, 4/3, 2500 sf, 1.11 acres, $2,749,000 Remodeled rancher in Woodside Hills Open this weekend: Sat 1:30-4:30, Sunday 2:30-5:30
215 Lindenbrook Road, 3/2, 2700 sf, 4.07 acres, $3,375,000 Includes 670 sf cottage and 4000 sf barn. Open Sunday 2:30-5:30.
3784 Woodside Road, 5/4, 4200 sf, 3 acres, $6,495,000 Lovely Spanish Revival home in Central Woodside.

Over in Portola Valley there are 19 current listings, with 8 Russell (2/1, 700 sf cottage) at the low end listed for $899,000 and 5070 Alpine Road at the upper end for a mere $8,395,000 (see below). PV is the winner for most days on market with a property that has gone unsold for over 500 days! Located at 120 Golden Hills Drive, the listing has cool 3D images of the home and grounds. The home is not yet finished, so will continue to be on the market until it gets closer to completion (Fall 08), and maybe even thereafter. New on the market (within the last two weeks) are:

204 La Cuesta Drive, 2/2, 1270 sf, 8100 sf lot, $1,349,000 Mid-mod with remodeled kitchen. Open Sunday from 2:30-5:30.
30 Kiowa Ct, 4/2.5, 2410 sf, 1.88 acres, $2,295,000 Open Saturday 1:30-4:30.
285 Cervantes Rd, 3/2, 2410 sf, 1.16 acres, $2,398,000 Nice hilltop home with some great landscape features. Open Sunday 2:30-5:30.
85 Hillbrook Dr, 4/2.5, 2612 sf, 1 acre, $2,595,000 Contemporary home with view of the hills. Open Saturday 1:30-4:30.
Address Unknown, 5/4, 4200 sf, 1.08 acres, $3,495,000 Newer home with well-manicured traditional grounds, this home is located off Alpine Road.
2 Sierra Lane, 3/3.5, 4270 sf, 1.16 acres, $3,698,000 Tri-level newer home with views of Windy Hill.
5070 Alpine Road, 4/4, 7800 sf, 8.57 acres, $8,395,000 Listed as the “Knole at Lauriston,” this one-of-a-kind home shares 8 cres with a 2/2 guesthouse, stables, and caretaker’s quarters.