Things Just Keep on Getting’ Better

The title of this post is not meant as a snide commentary on today’s state of real estate, but on the vast and rapid improvements that Redfin has made to its search engine. Just a little over a month ago, I wrote about Redfin’s continued support of this blog, as well as the rollout of their new version of the listing pages, which included new fonts, new layout, much larger map, the addition of, as well as nearby similar listings and sales, and listing price history. So much more information for Sweet Digs bloggers to use in posts and for you to make informed decisions on homes and their potential sales price.

open-houseballoons.jpgNow Redfin has added two more features:

(1) Open houses will begin showing up on Redfin starting today! Listing pages will show all open houses listed in the MLS or scheduled by Redfin sellers, right on the map. The icon looks like a normal house or condo, with “Open” written above it. How cool is that? Before you get in your car for the Sunday rounds, just look for your neighborhood on the map, up pops the Open signs, print and go, map in hand.

floorplan.jpg(2) An experimental feature where Redfin tries out extended listing photos and floor plans. You can see them on this Yorba Buena Redfin listing (pictures 16-20) and here, where the floor plan points to the location in the house for each photo. This is available on Redfin listed properties only, and has some cool features. On the floor plan, you can scroll over a picture on the bottom and a camera icon pops up on the floor plan from where it was taken. And if you scroll over the floor plan, you can pick an icon for an area and a panoramic picture pops up on the enlarged photo area on the left.

We hope you like these new features, and I’m sure there are many more to come.

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