Want to Sell? Go Green

orchardheights.jpgLast week, the all-green Orchard Heights development in San Jose placed the first 9 of its $1M plus homes for sale. Surprisingly, 7 are already sold. 

This development by Pinn Brothers features thicker insulation, low flow shower heads, and solar panels actually designed to be an integral part of the roof.  According to the San Jose Mercury News:

The solar roof system, manufactured by BP Solar of Maryland and installed by OCR Solar & Roofing of Vacaville, is composed of 38 solar modules with an inverter, which converts DC current to AC, in each garage. The modules are part of the roof, as opposed to raised panels attached to the roof in most solar roofs previously.

The system is capable of generating 2.5 kilowatts of electricity, enough to meet 40 to 60 percent of a homeowner’s electricity needs, said Aaron Nitzkin, vice president of OCR Solar & Roofing. If all 70 homes in the two neighborhoods were combined, the panels would offset 6.6 million pounds of carbon dioxide.

All homes in this development meet the LEEDS standard for green building processes.  Because of incentives from PG&E and the State, Pinn Brothers was able to price the homes comparably to other homes in the area. 

All homes in this development are 3,600 square feet or larger – which would have typically meant a large PG&E bill.  Losing this bill means buyers have more capital to pay in mortgage bills.  Buyers also feel more comfortable that toxic substances are not used in the construction of their homes as well.

Where is this development located.  The Evergreen area, of course!

[Photo credit: The San Jose Mercury News]