What Makes a Great Home for Children?

kids.jpgYears ago, before children came along, my then husband and I had what we thought was the perfect home in San Carlos.  A view across the Bay, a steep terraced backyard, and a huge master bedroom spelled perfection to us!

Then our first child came along, and things we previously hadn’t noticed became painfully obvious.  The kitchen cabinets had sharp edges at the bottom – the cat door posed a security risk, the steep backyard had no room for even a sand box, and the street was too steep for bicycle riding.  Clearly, we had to leave our perfect paradise for a more kid-worthy abode!

The moral of the story is that it pays to choose a house with children in mind if you plan to have them in the future. 

What makes a kid-worthy house?  First of all, look for sharp corners and edges in the kitchen and living room areas.  A crawler could require stitches if a collision was hard enough.  Secondly, choose a home with an ample backyard – room for that sand box or swingset. 

Nice, well lit streets mean you won’t worry so much when your little one walks to visit her friend down the street.  And wide streets make roller blading or skateboarding a little easier.  Flat streets (or relatively flat streets) make learning to ride a bicycle a little easier.

Many older homes have huge master bedrooms and tiny additional ones.  Where will your teen place his or her stereo, not to mention CD collection, in a tiny room?

Last but not least, a kitchen large enough for the family to congregate is a must.  Kitchens become rooms where families talk while expectantly waiting for dinner to pop out of the oven……places where Moms and daughters make messes while baking a birthday cake for Dad, and places where friends gather before proms or football games.   A big kitchen becomes the center of any family home.