Apocalypse Watch: Day 2

If there’s a positive spin to put on today’s 500-point Wall Street plummet, it’s that the market didn’t get much lower than the lowest point yesterday. The bad news is that everyone from Ben Bernanke to whoever it is than answers polls on the TheStreet.com think things are only getting worse. The good news, Boston,… Read More

It’s a New Day on Beacon Hill

Deval Patrick has taken some heat in his short tenure as Governor of his here Commonwealth. There were the curtains. Then there was the Cadillac. Then there was the $72,000 secretary…for his wife. Not really what the voters want to see from a guy running on a reform ticket, you know? Then there was the… Read More

Open Houses: Live from the Train!

Hello, Boston! I’m coming to you live today from the Amtrak Northeast Regional, 11:05am out of South Station. Gotta love this iPhone tethering thing. Internet from a Beacon Hill roofdeck is one thing; service cruising across the northeast on a train is quite another. Anyway, I’m gonna be out of town this weekend for a… Read More